Thursday, February 19, 2004

Blowing for the Ex

Again this was written when the boyfriend in question was still my boyfriend...

I'm not jealous of my boyfriend's ex-wife. I don't even know the woman and besides she is the mother of my boyfriend's six year old son, who is an adorable, brilliant ball of energy. But I am resentful of the power she wields over my boyfriend. Maybe it's because when my mother was abandoned by my father in favor of another woman, she worked her ass off so as not to rely on my father for anything. Maybe it's because two years after the divorce my boyfriend's son still expects his daddy to go back home to live with him and his mommy. Maybe because my boyfriend refers to his ex-wife only with the nastiest and bitter of curse words. But for whatever reason I am annoyed that on a day like today where two to four inches, maybe six tops, of snow is expected to fall, my boyfriend talks about going over to snowblow around the house where his ex-wife lives with their son. It bothered me almost as much as when he said he was going to help his ex-wife put up her Christmas tree. Ok so he still owns half the house and legally has some responsibility if someone slips and breaks their neck. But so does his ex-wife. Why can't she pick up a shovel or a snowblower? Is she afraid of breaking a nail?
It's all too easy. His ex-wife and child live literally around the corner from where he now stays with his mother. Lately my boyfriend has been talking about moving into a place with me. What will his ex-wife do then? Or will be he willing to drive over and snowblow the driveway? Maybe I should look at him as a generous soul. Maybe I should look at him as a pendejo- a fool. All I know is that my mom moved into an apartment after she got divorced so that there was nothing to snowblow.


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