Thursday, February 26, 2004

You Know Spring is Here When.... are sitting at the computer in your robe, wasting time on the computer and through the open kitchen window you hear a beautiful song. No it's not birds singing. It's the Mr. Softee song. That song reminds me of warm days playing T.V> tag on Alstyne Ave. in Corona. Hearing that song would send all of us kids rushing into our respective gated houses to beg for money. Sometimes we wouldn't even buy ice cream. I favored gum that was wrapped in paper like a cigarette. Before I would open the gum I would puff on the "cigarette" and candy powder smoke would come out. I thought I was the coolest chica in the world. My stepmother would yell at me saying that by pretending to smoke I would grow up to smoke. I thought she was stupid but she turned out to be right.
Damn now I want a cigarette.


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