Sunday, March 07, 2004

She's So Articulate

I have been super active in ensuring access for the non English dominant/immigrant families in my daughter's school. This means setting up a language bank so that every slip of paper sent home is available in all the languages represented and that meetings and workshops have onsite translators, not to mention ensuring kids get the services they need and that others aren't railroaded into programs they don't need just because of what they look like or what their last name is ( like they sent my kid to ESL) So the other day a school employee with who, I work closely with was telling me an I knew she didn't mean it to be fucked up but anyway she was telling me how everyone thought I was so articulate...(do people say white people are articulate? so articulate compared to what? what they expected a young latina single mom to be like?) maybe it shouldn't have annoyed me but it did...In one way what I am doing is super important...for the community, for my daughter etc but carajo I hate being the nice token woman of color who can speak well and be held up as an example. Oh and then another person in the school was like ,"oh I didn't know you were a single mom,"
They assumed that since I wasn't working a "real" full time job I must have a partner supporting me....blech...I hate being a walking public service announcement.


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