Monday, April 12, 2004

Christ Check in Aisle 5

I was just at my local branch of a national chain drug store to pick up some ice tea (a staple in my house) and some labels since I am cleaning out and reorganizing my paper files. The man at the register is one who knows me and is very friendly to me. I always thought he was flirting with me.
"How was your Easter?" he asks, assuming that I am Christian.
"It was quiet. I spent it with family," I replied.
"You didn't go to church?"
"I'm not a church going type of girl,"I inform him.
"Why not?"
"I take issue with the institution of the church." I explain.
"I asked the question wrong then. Have you given yourself to Christ?" he then asks me.
I literally laugh in his face.
"No," I manage to blurt out.
"Oh we will have to talk then," he says as he hands me my plastic bag.
"There's nothing to talk about," I say with a smile and walk out into the pouring rain.

The moral of the story is that the man behind the register isn't flirting with you. He's trying to convert you!

These people are everywhere!!!!!


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