Friday, April 02, 2004

Craziest Week Ever

I have so much to write that I don't even know where to begin.

After the fiasco written about below, someone wants to publish what I wrote, which was pretty awesome. Of course the man in question didn't find it amusing especially when he learned of the title. Oh well, you know what they say about payback.

Then I got my federal IRS check and I'm feeling like I won the lotto. I'm paying bills, getting haircuts for me and the MapucheRican and going out on the town.

Then I get a lame ass explanation from my suburban fantasy ex. Turns out he was the victim of identity theft thanks to his ex-girlfriend and now he's getting sued and may lose his house and broke up with me because he has nothing to offer me. Maybe I watch too many novelas but I was expecting that he was cheating or something along those lines. Why do men that I fall for always choose women who are obviously more insane than me, over me?

Then my political mentor, Richie Perez passed away. I will be writing a lot about him in the coming days. I am dealing with the guilt of how I last saw him and the movement. The regret of that as well. I am resentful of the new leadership. I am sad.

I've seen the lawyer again but it did nothing for me. So that's a good sign. I also saw my Dominican ex and that was great.

My newswriting class was a waste last night and the other women of color and I are all networking and are going out after class next week so that we get something out of all this.

I am planning a press kit for my daughter's school since they called me during Richie's funeral for a press release.

So I am writing a lot, fucking a lot, thinking a lot and slowly tiptoeing back to being super mami mala...I just have to be careful not to crash and burn...again.


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