Saturday, April 17, 2004

A Day and Then Some

It began with my new look

Then I returned to my old protest/rally scene. As I walked down from the subway platform I bumped into a college prof. I had back when I was in Maine and Chile and her beautiful daughter. The Latino activist scene really is so small and everyone knows each other. She is a brilliant Rican PHD and it made my day to hear how happy and settled she felt.

Once at the rally site, as I said my hellos and realized that no matter how much time has passed the scene remains the same. I was quickly pulled in as a security captain. It was like to good old days. I also realized how out of practice I was as I felt my lges getting tired as we marched and as my voice gave up as I chanted. But it felt wonderful, being among all this rightous people including the mothers who lost their children to racial violence and police brutality and the widow of my mentor. I felt so privilaged to be connected to these people, including so called "gang" members who really represent a huge marginalized part of our already marginalized community.

I didn't miss the nasty pigs and them trying to intimidate the young people especially by taking pictures of them.

Then on the subway ride home I ran into my stepsister whom I haven't seen in years. She screamed with delight when she saw me as if I was a long lost friend when in my opinion we always had someone of an advisarial relationship. I was happy however to learn that things at my father's house are the same, with everyone yelling all the time.

I am finishing off a bottle of Chilean red I began with my mother and titis. Tommorow promises to be a calm day at the playground with the MapucheRican. After today, I need a predictable familiar day.


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