Monday, April 26, 2004

Her First Failure

The MapucheRican came home today with her first failing grade and in math no less. Just when it seemed that she had escaped my family's curse of number illiteracy , she gets a 68 on a test. My first gut reaction is confusion and yes I will admit disappointment. Of course I don't tell the MapucheRican these things. I sit down with her and we go over the exam together.

Did you know that the NYC Department of Ed. is expecting 6 year olds to begin learning times tables. I don't remember learning those until third grade. I quickly stop feeling like a bad parent for passing on a math deficient gene and we sing her 5 times tables.

She wanted to sleep on the floor today. The bedroom floor that is covered in sweaters that I haven't bothered to pack up and bring down to storage yet. At least I'll have the bed to myself.


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