Saturday, April 10, 2004

I have risen

I have risen way too fucking early for a Saturday with no karate class to take the MapucheRican too. But I was trying to be a good mami. I hard boiled the eggs she would need. I set out the dyes in glasses. She woke up and as I write this is dressing up her painted eggs. I will post pictures.

I want to make eggs with the faces of all my lovers. If I can get my printer to work I will do that. Then I will ceremoniously thrown them at each respective house. If I can no longer find them or of they have moved far away. I will throw them out the window.

I haven't decided if today I want to put some funky hot pink streaks in my hair. I don't think abuela will appreciate that tommorow at Easter Sunday dinner but oh well.

I have risen can I go back to sleep?


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