Friday, April 23, 2004

Three Nights in a Row

He is coming over to bring me a bottle of wine, talk, kiss and smoke.
I am having such a wonderful time.

Last night we met after out classes and had middle eastern food. He kept dropping food on my feet and my legs. First a lemon peel, then a piece of lamb. Maybe it's like when the boy in first grade puts gum in your hair because he likes you.

Then we ended up driving to a park in queens underneath the 7 train. We smoked (we smoke alot together have you noticed?), talked, laughed, kissed, took more bad digital pictures, and held each other. It was one of the best dates I've had. he said I was pretty.

Tommorow we'll be going together to my sister's birthday party at a club in manhattan. That will make four nights in a row? Is this crazy?Is this overkill?

A friend told me that maybe it was a good sign that I was so comfortable and without butterflies swimming in my gastric juices. He said maybe we were all wrong about that feeling and that maybe this man is lacking in something that is bad for me anyway.

I mean I'm not even going to put on makeup right now or change into nicer bra and panties. Shit I didn't even shave


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