Thursday, May 13, 2004

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

It happened soon after I left. The MapucheRican was half asleep in my bed when according to my mother she let out a bloodcurdling scream.

“It came flying from the window. It was the same thing I saw when I was baby and mami had to hug me. It was this big, “the MapucheRican says with her outstretched arms trembling.

My mother thinks it is a spirit. A ghost. An ancestor. Maybe Titi Lucy. It’s true the spirits show themselves to the MapucheRican. She has told me but she has never expressed fear just curiosity as to why the veil between this life and another is so thin for her.

A half hour later with the MapucheRican resettled in my mother’s bed it shows itself to my sister and my mother in the living room. They show themselves. They are not as big as the MapucheRican’s outstretched arms but they still make my mother and sister scream, two huge fucking bugs.

It happens every year. They come in from this hole between my air conditioner and my bedroom window. They aren’t roaches. I think they are cicadas or crickets since I have a tree right by that bedroom window.

My mother and sister weren’t able to find them or kill them despite chasing them with a can of bug spray and jumping from the sofa to the loveseat, to the kitchen chairs. I am sure when I clean today I will find them dead somewhere, probably with my magazines and newspapers. That seems to be a favored resting place for bugs.

I came upstairs to pee after dinner and before seeing the misfit to find my sister, mother and the MapucheRican looking scared and urging me to stay until I found the unwanted visitors. I just shook my head and left again.

It feels like summer….yummy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mamita Mala!

5/13/2004 12:58:00 PM  

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