Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Morning Marketing

Some peeps have been complaining because I haven't had a real update in awhile. The picture I last posted of random scribbles the man I have been dating wrote on my body a few nights ago in my lobby didn't strike most as interesting. I apologize. It's not that things haven't been happening in my life. It's that so many things have been happening that I've been busy doing things besides sitting in front of this computer.

Specifically for all NYC gente...is it just in my neighborhood, or is everyone being bombarded by people handing out flyers and free newspapers in the morning when they take their kids to school or are on their way to work?

This morning after dropping off the MapucheRican (who is coming down with a cold), I was bombarded with people handing me those free morning mini-newspapers (are they hiring? DO they need a single latina mama columnist?). Seems like the main competitors on my strip are Metro and AM New York.
Fresh Direct was in effect on four corners handing out flyers. There was even some poor soul dressed as a piece of cheese and a woman dressing up as either a tomato or a strawberry ( I couldn't tell really. I hadn't had my coffee yet).

Free samples. Start giving out free samples of shit I could use (which at this point is everything and anything) and then I won't mind having papers shoved in my face before 9 am.


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