Saturday, May 15, 2004

Rockera Soy

I admit that me and la Fea were being bad and judgemental. I really did want to go to this concert with the misfit but we were skeptical. I had downloaded some of the Peruvian rockeros songs and the misfit had put some on the cd he gave me for my birthday. Some were good , some were silly, some made me roll my eyes (What the hell is a "Tren Sexual" and can I get unlimited rides like I do with my NYC Transit Metrocard?)I also checked out Pedro Suarez Vertiz's website and while I found him very sexy (sessy)I also found that he came across in his pictures and videos like a gay porn silly poses that just made me giggle. I forget sometimes that the misfit reads my blog and online journal. He was a little bit pissed that I said in a post yesterday that I thought the show was going to be "cheesy". Misfit disculpas.

But I looked hot....I opted for this outfit The misfit was lured to me thanks to a picture of me wearing that shirt. The misfit (and my mother) weren't sure of the skirt saying it was too short and I would get myself into trouble. So I fucking wore it anyway. And the the misfit and everyone else thought I looked wonderful.

La Oveja Negra is a small club on the fourth floor of a sports club (gym) complex in Astoria, Queens. It screams South America, at least thats how both la fea and I felt when we first went there with the misfit. It reminds us both of small Southern Hemispheric clubs we've danced in.

The misfit and I drank and danced until the concert started. The misfit was so excited, checking his cell phone every few minutes to see how much longer till Pedro went on. As soon as Pedro did go on, everyone crowded toward the stage. The Misfit wrapped an arm around me and sang along loudly to every song. I did the best I could. I had spent nearly the entire day listening to Pedro Suarez Vertiz songs so that I didn't look like a fool and yes to impress the misfit a little. Pedro is very sexy I must say and gave a good show. He is not at all like he comes across on his website, which the misfit and I agree means that he just needs a new stylist. The musicians were incredible, especially the lead guitarist, an older Peruano who rocked like a brown skin Keith Richards with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth (keeping it South America baby where crazy no smoking in club laws would never fly). I got my feet stepped on, beer spilled on my head, and I was sweaty as all hell, but I had a great time. Pedro played for two hours non-stop which by any standards is incredible. And the whole two hours the misfit screamed, danced, and held on to me, kissing me occasionally. Being so close to him, being that sweaty just made me want him more. Fuck all my confusion before. I know I want to be with him for as along as he wants to be with me...that's all the matters.

On the way home we ate greasy drive through. I didn't want to get out of the car. I just wanted to stay all sweaty and sleepy next to my man (that's right, that's what I called him). But the misfit eventually kicked me out, well ok walked me to the door.

I woke up too early today (single motherhood puts a cramp in your social life...I'm kidding ok!!!)I will be my mother's date at a wedding she has to go to tonite. All I really want to do is get sweaty with my misfit.


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Peruanos son lo maximo!!!!

5/16/2004 08:26:00 PM  

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