Monday, May 10, 2004

Selfish Moment- Birthday Wishes

My birthday is a few days away and even though many people who read this are people I do not know personally and would never get me a birthday gift, nor would I expect one, these are the things I want for my 27th year of life:

Music- burned cds, emailed mp3’s, songs that remind me of you, songs that remind you of me. An mp3 player would be really nice but that’s pushing it

Clothes-funky fun stuff to wear on all the dates I’ve been having, shoes, jewelry too!!1

Books and paper- stuff I should read, stuff I want to read, stuff you think I should read, your writing. Paper to write what I should be writing, paper to write to you. Get me subscriptions to magazines and newspapers I like.

Cash- to use at my discretion, to take you out with, to pay my bills, to take my daughter out. Adopt a bill, pay it for me.

Love and sex- kiss me, fuck me, make love to me, do me, hold me, cuddle with me, tell me how hot I am, suck me, eat me out, tell me I’m yours and only yours. Tell me you love me. Tell me you need me. Tell me you respect me. Sleep with me. Accept me as I come to you and as I am.

Take me out- to the movies, to concerts, to shows, to museums, dinner, to meet your parents, to play with your children, to bookstores, to cafes and wine bars.

Talk to me-Tell me about your childhood, your identity issues, where you came from, where you are going, tell me your dreams, nightmares and fantasies. Tell me about your family. Tell me about you lovers and loves. Tell me the last good book you read and the last good movie you saw. Tell me what you want from me. Tell me what you hate about me.

Pamper me- Get me a massage, a pedicure, a manicure

Now is that too much to ask for???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not at all, homegirl. I hope you get this n so much more in this coming year of your life.
La Vendi

5/13/2004 09:47:00 AM  

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