Saturday, May 01, 2004

Vendiendo Recuerdos

"Vendi tu recuerdo y compre otro deseo...y no estoy hablando de vos"

that's what he wrote in this blog after he read about my feelings about his ex. He was quoting this Peruvian Rockero , Pedro Suarez Vertiz, whom it looks as if we will go see the weekend of my birthday.

We had a wonderful lunch yesterday at this cultish place (and yes I mean that literally...the guru has his own reserved table, elevated just slightly over all the others). It was serene, painted in sky blue with meditation music playing as I ate this yummy fake duck(it doesn't sound yummy when I write fake duck though does it?). He actually ate well.

It was delightful, as he would say, eating and talking politics and the politics of writing. He showed me the house where he grew up and then he scribbled notes on his paper placemat. We showed each other how we would sign our books when they came out. We went to the post office and talked about his body/eating issues.

My 6th grade student was hours late and I had to have a whole discussion with him about respect that just made me feel sad and old.

I spent too much money of a birthday gift for a classmate of the mapucherican and on body care products for myself (mmmm cocoa butter). I started getting my NetFlix films in and I got my keeper. Almost makes me can't wait for my period. Ha!!!!

I don't know when I will see M. Again. He has papers to write this weekend and honestly I feel like I have been distracting him from what he needs to do. He calls it a beautiful distraction but it is what it is.

I have to get dressed of else I'll be late taking the MapucheRican (who is hitting me with a foam ball as I write this) to karate.


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