Friday, May 28, 2004

You wanted drama.....pues TOMA!!!

Some of my loyal blog readers, and I love you all really for reading, have complained that lately my blog has been um boring. You all like when I'm suffering don't you?

It started yesterday morning, the sadness and the distance that the misfit was unbearable and I told him so, well I typed an instant message telling him so. It was obvious that he was pushing me away and thoughts of me just throwing in the towel and dating other people began dancing in my head even though deep down that's not what I wanted. Me puse raviosa, rabid, angry. I almost broke my computer because I punched it so hard where I had tapes a picture of me kissing him on the cheek. I have since taken the picture down well because I can't break my computer damnit! That moment seemed so long ago anyway even though it was only a month ago or so. We don't seem like the same people. We both look so content, so at ease with what we have. What happened to us?

It took a glass of cabernet and a calmante (just one...before someone tries to lock me away in an institution) to get me to stop crying, screaming and throwing shit around in my apartment. When the wine and little pink pill finally kicked in I had decided to find more patience and just be as supportive as I could of the depressed writer. He was and continues to be worth every emotion I am capable of feeling. And I wrote him a little note in the same online community where he first approached me to tell him so.

Ah but it wouldn't be Mala's life if it all ended here.
Mas to come...


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