Thursday, June 17, 2004


Actually it happens every summer here in NYC, just when the POC parades start rollin' down through midtown and ::gasp:: the upper east side. The hurricane and Rican prood fences and barricades seen all along fifth avenue maybe are just practice for what businesses and high end residences may end up doing during the Republican National Convention.

Post Rican parade on Sunday in Sunset Park was terrorized by police of the 72nd precinct as celebrants returned to their hood. The 72 set-up shop along 5th Avenue from 42nd street to 64th Streets, with 4-8 cops per block even before the parade was over. 19 youth were arrested and beat, even more were maced and harrassed. One 8 year old girl was pushed by an officer, many flags were confiscated, many grandparents watched as their children were attacked.
Are POC communities in the city, already targets of police brutality, now also becoming training grounds for for police terrorist training..or shall I say terrorist police?

In the Lower East Side for the last 3-years on the eve of the 116th Street Festival, and on the day of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, this neighborhood is subjected to an intense Police presence. Avenue D is cut off from incoming traffic from Houston Avenue to 13th Street, and anyone who attempts to get into the community is asked to show identification, and the Police officers arbitrarily permit or deny access to the street as they see fit.

The Justice Committee of NYC is compiling reports of post parade abuse and intensified police repression in People of Color communities throughout the city.
For more information on how you can get involved or to report an incident call


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