Sunday, June 20, 2004

El Mundo es Demasiado Pequeno....but sometimes that's ok

I'm joining a Latina fiction writer's group. I figure it will help me focus and write and then publish more. Turns out that the chica who's starting the group is the live-in girlfriend of a performance poet/musician with whom el dominicano has been playing/recording with a lot as of late. When she and I both realized this we weren't so sure if we wanted to work with each other. But after meeting up for a bottle of wine and Mexican food in the upper east side we got along great. We are different but we share the same beliefs on writing, the Latino writer's market, and how chauvinist progressive male artists and writers are, especially in their relationships with women. It was really nice and refreshing to talk about these things with a mujer.

Part of my issue with dating Latino artists was how much I fed off their energy and passion and how I sometimes would use that to sustain and maintain in a relationship that was deeply flawed and harmful. It's nice to know and feel that I can feed off that artistic energy from another mujer in a non-competitive manner.

Que viva la sisterhood!!!


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