Saturday, June 26, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 is not a good date movie

I caught a midnight showing in the city with a date. He happened to be white. It was my third date with him. I like him. He's smart, funny, cute, laid back. He hates Bush. We thought it would be something we would/could enjoy together.

Overall I enjoyed the film as overall I have enjoyed Michael Moore's work. I feel it wasn't as tightly made as Bowling for Columbine. Then came the end. Camera scans mostly African American young males faces, Moore painting them as the ones who are usually on the front line. They , the ones who get fucked up education systems, no real job or higher education opportunities, they are the first to go and defend this country . That is Moore's argument. In my opinion he set it up within a very us/them paradigm. All they ask is that they not be sent into harms way [to war] unless it is absolutely necessary. He wonders aloud on film if they will continue to make the sacrifice.

Why did this bother me so much? Maybe for the same reason that Moore has always made me a little uncomfortable. From his position of white privilege he says things that have been said before by others and continues to be said and gets lots of play. What if poc stopped enlisting and fighting foreign invasive wars? It's a huge and loaded question that was treated very patly in my opinion.

I made the mistake of saying the words "white privilege" to my date. He got very defensive. That made me defensive and upset. It's 3:38 am . He has just dropped me off at home and I'm still digesting and processing tonight. He said I have a lot of anger in me. He hinted at the fact that it made him uncomfortable to see such anger in a "date" situation.

There is so much I could write but I will hold back because I don't want to write from a place of anger and hurt and sadness which is what I'm feeling now.

How much you wanna bet there won't be a 4th date?



Blogger Ms Cherry Galette said...

oh no, mija. it makes him uncomfortable to see anger in a date situation? after you start talking about white privilege? :( you have every right to feel anger and hurt and sadness. i'm sorry that's how things went down. un besote.

6/28/2004 01:52:00 PM  

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