Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My Weekend Plans- because they ain't no daddies round here

Come out to Sisterfire NYC !
When: Saturday, June 19th from 3-7pm Where: Riverbank State Park - 679 Riverside Drive at 145th Street. Take 1, 9 train to 145th. What: A day to raise awareness and unite our communities to end violence against women of color with FREE food, music, performances, dance, comedy, arts& crafts, poetry, games for all ages.
Featuring Ya Ya, Rokafella, D’Lo, Queen Godis, Colorado Sisters, DJ Reborn, Sista II Sista, Sham-e-Ali al-Jamil, ACB and many more!

Come out to Sisterfire NYC Workshops!
When: Friday, June 18th from 4:00-7:00pm Where: EBC High School in Bushwick Brooklyn. 1155 Dekalb Avenue, J train to Kosciouzko. What: FREE workshops for women of color on arts & organizing.

Sisterfire NYC is a collaboration of women of color artists and organizers from different communities. Sponsored by: Casa Atabex Ache, Center for Immigrant Families, Critical Resistance, Dominican Women's Development Center, Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees, Incite NYC, Ladies on the Mic, Mayfirst Collective, Sistas On the Rise, and Sista II Sista. *********************************************************************** SisterFire reaches women of color of all ages and backgrounds with the message that we’re tired of the violence we endure as women of color, violence is not normal, violence against women of color destroys our entire communities, and we ain’t gonna stay quiet about it… SisterFire is centered on our lives and perspectives as women of color. The intersections of race/class/gender/sexuality/disability/and nation distribute social and political power unequally to us as women of color and they promote violence against us. SisterFire sets out to nurture grassroots organizing and activism against violence against women of color through cultural arts grassroots organizing and performance. SisterFire is a project of INCITE: Women of Color Against Violence and we are building a movement to end violence against women of color in all its forms. We promote linking existing struggles against the violence of poverty, incarceration, police brutality, colonization, interpersonal (domestic and sexual) violence, etc. For more info:


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