Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Calling All Single Hipster Papis

Oh wait there aren't any. I took the MapucheRican to PS 1 on Sunday for their family day event. She splashed in a dirty wading pool. Danced bad salsa (mi hija no tiene ritmo...salio al pai) on a misty platform, and ran in a bamboo rainforest. She participated in two collaborative sculptures. And damnit I looked cute with my hair braided, my maroon sparkly cat eyed sunglasses and a dress. But damn if all there were many other hot single mamis like me!!! All the cute hipster boys were with their single childless women or alone. And they were not kicking it to the likes of me yelling "No please do not throw rocks at me!!!" to my six year old. There was one, just one cute father alone with his adorable daughter, but he seemed to care less about me lifting my skirt to wade in the pool.

The one cute single papi I know wasn't there and expected me to find some hot round bootied chica for him.

"Hey you're beautiful can I get your number for a guy I used to date?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could've worked!!! Don't most women say, "it's so hard to find a good man..."

7/28/2004 01:00:00 PM  

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