Friday, July 02, 2004

How to Lose Amigos and Alienate People

Write about them in your blog. An ex lover of mine is pissed. He feels that I broke a promise I made to him about never publishing anything I write about him. In all honesty I don't ever remember remember making such a promise and what a irresponsible promise that would be. I am a writer. I write and put stuff out there. Most of what I right yes is highly personal. He's pissed because I posted a poem that in his poem reveals too much of his real identity. It doesn't matter that I wrote the poem. It doesn't matter that it was an experience I lived (a pregnancy and an abortion-things he will never live). He says I should have showed it to him when we were going through it. The thing was that when I was going through it...After the abortion. I went home alone and he disappeared for a few weeks. Poetry was my outlet, my healing. He throws in my face that he's dated other poets (does he mean dated or fucked?) like I don't know the artists and poets he's fucked. Then he tries throws in my face that I've fucked other musicians.

I apologized for the fact that he felt betrayed but not for posting the poem. What is he afraid of? He says nothing it's just no one business. That's right it's no one's business that a self proclaimed progressive Latino man got a latina progressive woman pregnant and that she had an abortion. I dare to say being that woman that it is everyone's fucking business. It was my pussy that was fucked and my womb that was sucked clean. I feel that gives me the right to write, post, yell about it on every damn corner from Rego Park to Washington Heights.

He ended the conversation pissed at me and making me feel like I wouldn't be talking to him again for a while. He was a man I was deeply in love with and still loved but know better then to get involved with and case in point is here.

Maybe again this is why artists shouldn't date other artists.

I had to restrain myself from posting his real name and other identifying factors. I am mad and resentful.

I repeat. I write. If you are in any way significant in my life you will get written about. It will be published here or in a story and someone will hear about you and what you do. Maybe that will make people behave. Ha! It doesn't make me behave that's for sure.

Soy una pura


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My oh my...I couldn't help but read this once, twice, thrice and beyond!! It's a mid sunday and I'm loving your blogs...

7/17/2005 12:14:00 PM  

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