Saturday, July 10, 2004

I heart Nueva York en el Verano

Besides being able to wear all my cute dresses the big manzana in the summer has tons of free things to do. There's a reason why el Gran Combo made a song about Un Verano en Nueva York.

Tonite the MapucheRican and I went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark at Pier 25 thanks to River Flicks

We spread our blanket on the concrete of the pier and ate sandwiches and drank ice tea while waiting for the sun to set. Oh did I mention there was free popcorn?

The place was packed, the MapucheRican loved the film and there were other families there as well as couple, friends and I even saw two dogs.

Get there early if you want a good spot (the film doesn't actually start till close to 9 pm) which means before 7 pm. And don't bring wine/beer/ or any other alcohol. This is not posted anywhere on River Flicks official site so there were plenty of people drinking that is until the parks police came and started confiscating bottles, pulling people out of the crowd and threatening tickets. The police were heard yelling , " This is a family event" to people who argues with the no booze policy. As a head of a little family with a small child there, it struck me as bullshit. But be forewarned.


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