Thursday, July 15, 2004

I was a Beautiful Gordita Bebe

My sister was a beautiful gordita bebe. I gave birth to a flaca. The MapucheRican when she was born had little chicken legs. She was long and dark and skinny. She was never an ugly baby but everyone lamented that she didn't have a round belly and rollitos on her legs that you just wanted to eat.

The MapucheRican in all her skinniness was a healthy baby. I never doubted that contrary to what this article says

It took a few months but her big belly came and so did the rollitos. I never overfed her. In fact when she started eating solids she was a vegetarian. Then she got flaca again. Now she's filling out again.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a fat baby. Having a fat baby doesn't mean that baby will have an illness when he/she grows up. Being fat doesn't mean you have an illness. I'm all for stopping the proliferation of fast food restaurants in our hoods not just because they are bad for our health as a community but because they are evil wanting only to suck the money out of our people. Pero the fact that a huge number of Latinos are uninsured isn't an additional problem. It is at the base of the problem.

Bigger may not always be better, but bigger doesn't always mean an early grave or an unhappy life.

I for one am in no rush to have no ass, no hips, no piernotas. See how the medical establishment tried to use these front Latino/brown faced doctors to push their sick standards.

Big up to Big Fat Blog for bringing this to my attention.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhm, where is your anger directed at? (You love getting angry.. hahahah) What sick standards? Kids are getting too fucking fat, and spics are making their kids eat too much shit with corn syrup. I think it's important for old world parents/grandparents, to know that fattening up the calf isn't what's least important in the development of the child.

7/19/2004 10:25:00 AM  

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