Tuesday, July 06, 2004

It's Ex-Boyfriend Update Day!!!

Did you know this?? If you are an ex-boyfriend or lover of someone (and aren't we all?) call an ex of yours, especially one who was madly in love with you and that you dumped and let him/her know something that they really don't need to know.

Like IM one and tell her that the other ex, the one that came before her, the one you weren't quite over when you began dating her, the one you're writing novels about, is pregnant and that all you are doing is being melancholy and thinking about is her.

Or IM another and tell her that you have a new girlfriend who is younger than she is ( she after all was only 12 years younger than you, the new one is 13 years younger!)Make sure you throw in that she is a pre-med student and only half Puerto Rican. The other half should ideally be white. But point out that the new girl is still darker skinned than your ex. This works especially well if you are white and think that white privilege is bullshit.

When is it gonna be ex-girlfriend day? I have a few things to say!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Queria escribir esto hace unos dias...

Sabes, lo que yo no entiendo, es que si hay un monton de huevones leyendo tu blog, por que no dicen nada? No tiene sentido. Cuando yo tengo algo que decir, te lo digo. Y hay unos que solo se quejan? Diles que lo hagan en el blog y que no te joden. Que lo dejen de mamar. Que se limpien el rabo... Cagate en la leche de ellos.

Creo que se deberia entender, a ti te encanta escribir, obvio, eres una gran escritora, sobre tus chicos, hombres, huevones, ratas, medias, narranjas, platanos, orejas, y nalgones--que viven con eso.

Nadie se deberia quejarse. Tu eres el, se que deberia haber usado "la" pero tu eres tanta la mierda (y escuchame, estoy diciendote "la mierda" en el mejor sentido posible) que manda aca. Punto.

Que viva el blanquito!!!

(Sorry no have a time for translationmadness.)

7/07/2004 02:33:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wassup w/ all this censorship going on? You ain't about the struggle. You should apply for a job at Fox News... just let them know how you censor--I'll vouch for you. Boooo!

7/07/2004 03:03:00 PM  

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