Saturday, July 10, 2004

Pop/Basura Culture Moment

I admit that I don't watch enough television to engage in any sort of meaningful conversation about it and it's impact on life. Um but why didn't anyone tell me that the new Road Rules on MTV takes place in Chile?????

I was flipping channels and spotted what looked to me like Pucon only to find out holy shit it is Pucon.

It got me all nostalgic and in fact reminded me of my own time in Chile when I spent half the time running around with a bunch of ignorant whiney college gringos.
Ah but Pucon. I went to Pucon on the same day I broke the news to the MapucheRican's sperm donor that I was pregnant.

Since I can barely afford a single ride metrocard much less a trip to Chile, Road Rules is as close as I can get.


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