Monday, July 12, 2004

Why Being Friends With An Ex-lover/Boyfriend is Hard

First the Misfit wanted my opinion on how to deal with a woman he's been seeing. He wanted to know if it was a good idea to cut her off before she could develop feelings for him. I told him to tell her from the get that he didn't want anything. He only touched upon his feelings for his ex. It was painful to see him write (because of course all of this was done over IMs) about the kind of woman he wanted mostly because it was made gut wrenchingly clear that in his mind I was never any of those things. Damn. I don't think he realizes how fucking charming he is and the power that has. But I was a good friend. I gave him advice.

Then today he asks if I'm busy cuz he wants me to read something. Cool. I love seeing what he writes. He's a talented and funny writer. Too bad he wanted me to read an email he had recently received form his ex, the ex, the one he's not over. Oh. Ok so being nice I agree and I read all about her upcoming marriage and pregnancy. It gets into little details about the misfit's relationship with her. It was painful for me to read. It must have been very painful for him. So I gave him my take, which was that she was seeking closure and that she was a poor writer. He thanked me and appreciated my female perspective.

Sigh....Sometimes being a friend sucks, especially when you're being a friend to someone like him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disculpa chica, no se, quieria que me des tu opinion--es que sabes tanto... Que pena que no sabes lo tanto que te aprecio... A veces no soy bueno mostrando eso... Un abrazo fuertisimo...

7/12/2004 04:45:00 PM  

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