Saturday, July 31, 2004

Your Sister is So Cute

Thanks. Except she's not my sister. She's my daughter.

Oh really? It's just that you're so young. I mean you look so young.

I am young. I'm 27 and my daughter is almost 7. I was 19 when I got pregnant. I was 20 when I had her. And Yes I am single.

You look younger than 27.

The two middle aged white woman let my daughter , who is doing the pee pee dance, cut in front of them at the port a potty line outside Riverflicks last night. I could see their embarrassment and see them whispering comments. I'm at the point that I just laugh at this stuff.


Anonymous Jarvis Mcbane said...

Interested. Keep Blogging!

12/16/2005 12:29:00 PM  

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