Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Academic Headache

At my age, school should be easier and in many ways it is. I'm smart enough that I don't have too study too hard. I'm responsible enough to do my readings and papers. Too bad the class that I'm in this summer requires a group project. Since it is a Sociology class the whole point is to show how people can work together on solving a social problem.

My group originally was me and a male Latino. We were both excited about analyzing prison recidivism because for both of us it is personal on many levels. Then we get a new team member. A good looking , young fresh faced gringito whom I think is adorable. He's just getting political and didn't have a happy suburban upbringing. He seemed progressive enough.

Then he started coming late to meetings. Then he wouldn't show up to meetings. The paper is due tonight in class and the two original team members, the other latino and I, have yet to see an ounce of this man's writing.

I was freaking out over the weekend but now am calm. My ass will be covered. I worked. My partner worked.

I hate group projects....I hate working with young gringos who make too much money for their own good and like to do everything by the seat of their pants.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why is this kid's ethnicity of any relevence? are you sure you're not just profiling him as a rich white boy from the 'burbs (albeit a cute one) when he might just be a lazy-ass college student. perhaps your latina nation vibe might be slightly off-putting to him? just asking.

8/10/2004 01:42:00 PM  

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