Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Are People Buying This?

So the mayor of my lovely city is now offering discount buttons to RNC protesters. . This man will try to make a buck off anything
The mayor couldn't guarantee that scary anarchist would not gain access to the prized buttons (I won't even get into the bullshit definition him and the media are using when discussing anarchists).

Bloomberg is trying to put a pretty face and appear accomodating, problem his he still won't budge on accomodating the thousands of New Yorkers who don't need hotel discounts but need the right to protest where they want to (Central Park or Bust!!!).

I have applied for protest permits. I've done rallies without permits. I will probably be attending some of the permitted rallies. But I'll be damned if in my city I'm going to be told where I am allowed to express my outrage at Bush and his policies.

The mayor can take the free felt tip pens and shove em tu sabes donde.


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