Thursday, August 05, 2004

East Village Love/Hate Song #1

Last night I should have been in class but I was a bad girl and cut so I could see my friend (yes he is a male) perform.

Getting off on the Second Ave. stop on the F/V line transported me into multiple time zones in my biography.

I first got off on that stop when I was 17 and was dating a boy from LaSalle High School. I ended up enaged to that boy and he was the first boy(man?) to get me pregnant. We thought we were so cool and alternative drinking coffee in cafes until we would get kicked out for making out and groping each other like wild animals.

Across the street from the subway station there is a Thai/ French fusions restuarant that the Prince of Bushwick took me for my birthday two years ago. He sang to me a horrible birthday song and I was the happiest woman just sitting in his shadow.

A few months ago I walked the East Village Streets with the misfit. He was engrossed in telling me about a movie idea. He was too self involved to notice that my silence wasn't intent listening but extreme sadness at having to walk next to a man I was falling in love with who had just dumped me on-line hours earlier.

The fetish shop where I dropped down major cash on my first latex dress is no longer on St. Marks.

St. Marks was where the Afghani filmmaker I slept with for awhile used to have a studio. We would eat and drink in little cafes until we were in a drunken blur that would lead us to his basement apartment in Long Island City.

So much history in a few square blocks


Anonymous Anonymous said...

y porque es, mi negrita, que no me escribes mas?

8/05/2004 07:37:00 PM  

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