Friday, August 06, 2004

Love Letters

Yesterday I recieved my first fan letter/email from a blog reader that I don't know.
It's strange and surreal to think that people read what I write and put out there into the universe. So if I don't know you and you read my blog, let me know!!! Send me hate mail/love notes.

I have a letter from my abueltia in Puerto Rico staring at me. She wants to know if I've been reading The Purpose Driven Life. Honestly I have been skimming through it but excuse me if I have a hard time believing in eternal damnation for not accepting Jesus. What kind of a god is that????

I got a nasty email/note from the Price of Bushwick telling me essentially he was treating me like all his other ex's meaning like shit.

And some anon blog reader posted in Spanish yesterday...I assumed it was the misfit. It wasn't. Who are you?????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word. Who the fuck could it be? Calling you "negrita" and shit? You are as far away from "negrita" as all Irish women!!! I think it was a white boy...

8/06/2004 11:10:00 AM  

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