Sunday, August 29, 2004

My Kid Rules. Republicans Drool

Despite having been out till 5 am last night, I got up at 10 and was on the subway before 11 with the MapucheRican to participate in the United for Peace and Justice March.

The MapucheRican was decked out in a shirt she stenciled which said on the front, " I love NY and hate Republicans" . The back of her shirt read, " NY Kids Rule! Bush Drools!" She was a hit and peeps were taking pictures of her.

Lucky for me I ended up marching with Still We Rise which include beautiful radical and disciplined people of color with whom I have worked and organized with for years. They had the best chants, using hip hop beats.
They had put together a "baby bloc" , a specially secured area for babes in arms, strollers, or walking. They had water, juice and snacks for the children and spray bottles to keep them cool. It was funny. One of the fathers, who I know for years commented on how big the mapucherican was. We laughed remembering when she was a tiny baby in a sling at rallies, as he held his tiny beautiful wide eyed baby girl. We laughed more remembering me and my big ass pregnant belly and me working security and leading rallies up through my ninth month. We didn't have baby blocs at rallies then. People would volunteer to take her out while we had meetings or political education classes once she got too big to be entertained easily. At rallies, she would often be carried and cared for by others in my group when I had to run the stage or work a march. It's nice to see the evolution of integrating children.

It was freaking hot...the poor mapucherican melted fast under the sun and I actually had to carry my nearly 7 year old for a while (made me thankful for my big ass hips).

The baby bloc folded early as it got super hot and the kids were getting super tired... but at least we made it to Madison Square Garden. The MapucheRican thought it very cool that we were protesting where Bush and Co. were going to be shortly.

We visited my mom's air conditioned store and sat down for some juice before heading home.

I want to try and go to the Still We Rise rally and march tommorow but I have to work and I really need the money so we shall see.

I'm just exhausted.


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