Thursday, August 19, 2004

Super Raton

No I am not talking about the proliferation of rats in this divine city of New York. I am talking about what the MapucheRican and I got to see last night in a garden in Loisaida. 8 Millimeter Mania , curated by Tessa Hughes-Freeland, was part of the Howl! festival.
We watched Super Raton (Mighty Mouse in Spanish. This made me and a Spanish woman sitting behind me squeal with delight as did hearing the song los pollitos). There was an old silent Spider Man film (one kid could be heard saying "Where's the real Spiderman?"). There was an Alice in Wonderland film, a little bit of Mary Poppins, Some Keystone Cops (with some gratuitous wife beating that made my daughter and I cringe), Charlie Chaplin. We left right before Laural and Hardy since we had a long subway trip home.

The MapucheRican was fascinated with the East Village. She's especially loved the tattoo shops (she's wanted one since she was three) and the cafes with music wafting out of them.
"You hang out here don't you mom?" she asked me just as we passed a little place I used to drink wine in with a filmmaker lover. I nodded and she responded,
"It figures"


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