Monday, September 13, 2004

Back to Routines

Yes it is delicious to settle back into the MapucheRican's school routine. This morning she woke up happy and nervous. The first day was much better organized than last year although I wonder how the hell the school expects 7 year olds to carry pounds and pounds of school supplies, I mean mi pobre hijita was nearly going to fall over when I put the backpack on her, and that is without mention of the shopping bag she had too!!!!

She doesn't have the teacher I expected her to have but the teacher she does have seems nice enough and maybe Latina (she pronounced my daughter's name perfectly!!!). I am not thrilled with some of the classmates my daughter has, kids that I know caused problems in other classes last year. She does have a few friends on her class which is good.

But for all my talk and elation at having some childfree time, as soon as the MapucheRican walked through the doors I began to cry. I wasn't sobbing, just a few tears but still. I can't believe I have a 7 year old in second grade. She enters the school with all the older students. She exits with the older students and she eats in the big cafeteria.

I grabbed an ice coffee and a pack of Camel lights (the breakfast of champions or at least of artistas). I did a shitload of work and even did pilates. I got to shower and pee uninterrupted (if you're not a parent you won't get just how special that is).


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