Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Birthday Expectations

Last year I had money to give the MapucheRican two birthday parties. We had a small family gathering on her actual birthday in the apartment. A week later I shelled out hundreds of dollars to have a party for her friends and cousins. There was even a clown.

This year I barely had money to do the small familial gathering at home. The MapucheRican didn't ask for much, at least not from me. Partially because I didn't ask. There was no money for much from me beyond a cake and some decorations. My mother and sister however made sure to ask the MapucheRican what she wanted and proceeded to buy her useless toys that she would be bored with probably within the week. I was however appreciative of the clothes she did recieve, just in time for the start of the new school year.

It seems that no matter how hard I try to what I can the best I can, it will get fucked up. Last week I took the MapucheRican to pick out the design she wanted fro her cake. She picked some Strawberry Shortcake design. When I sent my sister with the money yesterday to pick the cake up as I hung streamers and balloons, there was a major problem with the cake. Instead of doing the design as we has asked based on a picture from a book, they literally took a picture of the picture of the cake from the book, and superimposed that on the cake, complete with binder holes on the picture. Ever heard the one about a family being so poor all they could afford was a picture of a birthday cake. They didn't even bother to write "Happy Birthday" on the cake. Thankfully I wasn't there because it would have killed my mood for the rest of the evening. My mother and sister refused the cake that was made for us and chose a simple one with happy birthday on it. Thankfully for me the MapucheRican understood and wasn't too upset with the cake problem.

The best gift by far , in my opinion, was brought by a latecomer, my friend, a beautiful talented Dominican man (nope we're not dating or sleeping together). He brought the MapucheRican a paint set, a real one none of that fake ass crayloa shit. It comes with some acrylics, a canvas, and a palatte for mixing colors. He said he would teach her to paint because well I'm a whole different kind of artist.

Now the apartment is a mess, paper and boxes everywhere. So pretty much all is back to normal.


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