Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bush Tries To Sneak in Through Queens

When the MapucheRican heard the news, that W was going to be in Queens, she was so excited. She was kind of disapointed that the Resident of the White House wasn't at or anywhere near the huge United for Peace and Justice Rally on Sunday.
So we made a sign that said "Queens Kids Say No to War, No to Bush" . I wrote on my tank " Mami Against Bush".

I got into a little arguement with my sister when I asked if she would watch the MapucheRican. Originally I wasn't going to bring my daughter for safety's sake but I thought the idea over again and decided that it was important for her to be part of these events. My sister refused to watch the MapucheRican anyway. As my daughter and I prepped to leave my sister was yelling at me about what an irresponsible mother I was for putting my child in such a dangerous situation blah blah blah. Like I'm a protest newbie.

The subways were shut down at 7:15 so we had to walk the mile or so to where Bush would be. The protesters were penned in across Queens Blvd. from where Bush would be exploiting 9-11 (again) There were about 100-150 people. Some people inside the pen, some outside. The groups was diverse with lots of people of color, lots of young people. Organizing in Queens has always been difficult because of the large number of undocumented people who for very good reason are afraid of coming out to activist events.

There were police cars at every corner and helicopters flying over head. Tons of undercovers (who obvuously weren't so undercover....sheesh). There were snipers on rooftops. The MapucheRican asked if they were going to shoot us. This is what a police state looks like.

I personally was interviewed by Channel 47 (spanish language), Local Fox News Channel 5, and the NY Daily News. 47 showed the interview. I missed the channel 5 clip and it looks like the Daily News decided not to mention any protests in Queens. I did post something on IndyMedia and called into ANoise. I really want to make my own radio station/newspaper.

Going home or trying to go home pissed my daughter off. Every street was closed. Barricades were being put up. What should have been a 10-15 minute walk home turned into a half hour walk home. Most local residents didn't even seem to know that Bush was in town.

Tonight the MapucheRican and I will be somewhere in the city. Most likely at the vigil in Union Square.

Say no to Bush....especially tonight


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