Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cuando Respiro en tu Boca

No one was breathing into my mouth Friday night. I guess I shouldn't complain since I had gotten plenty of that Thursday night into morning.

I did put in an application for a gig at la Kueva. Hey if I like drinking and shaking my ass there so much why not get paid to be there??!!! Yeah I really need the money too. I want to be able to go to Chile with the MapucheRican, Puerto Rico to visit my tia, I have friends in Mass. and New Orleans I want to see and two boys in Cali.

From la Kueva it was onto la Oveja where I met la fea and canvasfly to see Lucybell.
"How can you, Ms. starving artist afford such a thing?" you may ask. Well my dear friends were kind enough to buy the ticket for me. I have wonderful friends.

You'd think that at a Lucybell concert, celebrating Chilean independence (SI SI SI , HEY HEY HEY , VIVA CHILE) there would be at least one hot Chilean man for me to flirt with and dance badly with. but alas it seems that I slept with all the hot Chilenos and guess what? They were still in Chile where I slept with them!! Damnit. Oh well at least I could roll my eyes to the back of my head think of bliss from a different South American nation (mmmmm).

The Misfit didn't go, and nice woman that I am I actually saw these three women and thought, " Oooh. He would like one of those,". A part of me is really really angry at him for blowing the whole drunken kiss a few weeks ago into a running theme in his blog and using it as an opportunity to really make me feel crappy about yes the short romantic relationship we had. He wanted to go to the concert and he didn't because of me and fear of me. He wrote that if his other friends were going... Ugh.

And yet , there I am last night, supporting the misfit in a moment of crisis because yes I love the boy to death and not in an " I want to mouth rape him again" way. Hopefully we'll both find some middle ground because we get friends.

Sabado I was terribly hung over and it took me a moment to get myself together. A neighbor borrowed a cup of milk ( I thought that only happened on sitcoms!!) and then put a whole bunch of clothes on layaway in the city. That's right I ain't too proud to say I put clothes on layaway. Ha ha . Ay so ghetto.

The hotness from Medellin leaves to Cali. bright and early tomorrow morning. It's ok to call him today to say adios right? That's not too pushy???

In closing, I want to shout out a reader, a Dominicano from Brooklyn who sent me the loveliest of love notes, in the form of a comment. It's nice to know that there are voyeurs who enjoy this mental masturbation.


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