Monday, September 27, 2004

The Date that Wasn't (Dude!!)

Did you ever have a date that didn't start off as a date?

I was uptown yesterday and decided to put a call in to my filmmaker Dominican friend. This is the hottie that came to a poetry show of mine and gave the MapucheRican an awesome paint set for her birthday. We've tapped kissed on the mouth goodbye but that's been the extent. I wasn't/am not actively pursuing anything with him, he's just mad cool.

So I met him at his place in West Harlem where we chit-chatted about RU-486 and other such things (yes he's smart and somewhat political too!!). We decided to catch a film and some food downtown. On the way we discussed being exoticized by ex's who weren't Latino, and other sex horror stories. He was so sweet, he paid for dinner!!

He has this funny habit of saying "dude" way too much so we made a silly game of counting every time he said dude. It was pretty funny.

The film we wanted to see wasn't playing where we thought it was anymore and our second choice started way too late so we went to a bar to grab a few beers. It was nice. We talked a lot about our past, our families, marriage, what we were looking for in partners, motherhood and sexuality. Then before I knew it he kissed me. So wait was I on a date this whole time? Maybe the best dates are dates that aren't dates?

All I know is that I got home after midnight, slept really well and am feeling happy.


Blogger Ms Cherry Galette said...

yeah i agree, the best dates are dates that are not dates.

me? i'm too skanky and impatient for dates. i think i've been on 2 in my whole life!

sounds like it was a good time!

9/27/2004 03:02:00 PM  
Blogger Fea said...

I'm glad u had a good date that was a date but u didn't know it. And he is mad cool and sweet... and tall.. tallness is good. K, dude, hablamos.

9/27/2004 03:53:00 PM  
Blogger maaarco said...

sounds like good stuff, but, I've got a question: who gives a fuck if he's political or not? hahahahaha ¬°¬°buena suerta, flaca!!

9/27/2004 06:34:00 PM  

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