Saturday, September 11, 2004

Excorts Tumbling Down the Blvd of Death

After bidding fairwell to my Tio last night and putting la MapucheRican to bed, it was off to dance and drink.

Last night's cast was la Fea, the Marine, Canvasfly and me!!!

We all met at Oveja which had no cover but um also no people. We had a few drinks and la fea made up a new word!!!

The word of the day is excort- an ex whom you are no longer dating but who escorts you on a night out. Used in a sentence: Last night the Marine was my excort. It is highly recommended that you do not kiss your excort (ha ha ha).

Maybe Oveja was so empty because everyone was at la Kueva. We grudgingly paid the $10 cover (actually my excort paid...I paid for the movie the last time we went out). But inside it was packed and people were dancing and the music was way better than what was playing at Oveja and what was playing last week at la Kueva. Well until the band played and started playing cover songs. But we all danced, drank excessive amounts of wine, and had a great time. The Marine went to high school with the lead singer of the band. Um la Fea was throwing herself at said lead singer and at my excort as well which bugged me a bit. I don't think I want to be with him dating wise but I think it would bother me if she were to kiss him or something.

We closed la Kueva down then stumbled our way down Queens Blvd aka the Blvd of Death. At one point we decided to cab it to a diner. As la Fea went to cross the Blvd. she tripped and fell flat on her face. Sad thing is that it would have happened even if she hadn't been drinking. I may trip over my feet and my words occasionally but la pobre is just clumsy in huge dramatic ways. What was even sadder was the way the two boys just stood on the sidewalk and laughed. I was the only one who ran into the Blvd. to make sure my girl didn't get hit by a car.

We all ate well at the diner before going our separate ways. All in all it was a fun night.

I suppose I should say something about it being Sept. 11. I was downtown on 9/11/01, stuck in a smokey unlit subway car for hours. My mother worked in the WTC and escaped. Many people I worked with died. It sucks to say this pero it is true....while yes 9/11 affected all of us as a Ny'er, as a person who was there, I send warm peaceful wishes to all of those that were personally touched by what happened. Second, 9/11/73 must also be remembered especially in light of the fact that 9/11/01 came about because of the US's imperialist policies across the globe. You can't do things like create a coup d'etat in Chile and essentially murder an elected president and not expect consequences. No one that died in either Sept. 11 attack deserved what happened to them but they are related and it is important to make such connections especially when the US is currently occupying nations. What goes around comes around and I ask people to think about that as we approach Novemeber 2, Election Day. As the madre of a ChileRican (MapucheRican), as a woman from a nation occupied by the United States, as a woman of color in this third world within, 9/11 has many layers.


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