Thursday, September 23, 2004

Exxxotic Poeta

La Fea went ahead of me, acting as my manager, to see if I could get a spot in D'Antigua's tertulia ever though I wasn't booked to perform. Hell I was a hit the last time porque no? I was stuck home till 10 pm struggling with the MapucheRican to finish homework. Luckily the peeps from Fusion Atomica were more than happy to give me a spot in the second set.

I arrived all out of breath (because I ran from la 74 to Northern and 84). CanvasFly y la Fea had secured a table already and were drinking. Upon my arrival Fea ordered a pitcher of sangria which ended up to be more watered down than usual. One of the Fea's crushes came, as did another poet friend of ours.

When I went out to smoke I was greeted by people who saw me perform a month ago. Some repeated lines of the poems I had performed. One called me by my real name, not my stage name, apparently he had gotten it from seeing me on Canal 47 protesting G.W. and the RNC.

My set last night wasn't as good as the last one. I didn't really have time to get really familiar with the news poems I was performing and I was stressed, thinking about things at home. The fact that CanvasFly and Lindo, both poets, were hearing me for the first time made me extra uneasy as well.

The Latino cultural scene in Queens is just as small is it is in Manhattan. I met and remet many people who hang and work at la Kueva, including a few musicians. I am really interested in cultivating relationships and collaborating with artists here in Queens. I just hope that the scene isn't filled with as much bochinche as the Manhattan scene is (it probably is though no?)


Blogger Ms Cherry Galette said...

ay, mija, even if it turns out to be, try to keep in mind the reasons you're doing what you are and keep the focus on that, hard as it can be. your voice needs to be heard, you are a strong mujer, and you are amazing.

9/24/2004 10:22:00 AM  

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