Friday, September 03, 2004

Goodbye RNC, Goodbye Bush

I went down to Union Square to check out a vigil that was supposed to be happening organized by United for Peace and Justice. I chose that over the ANSWER coalition's rally near MSG because of problems I have personally had with Worker's World and other WWL (Wacky White Left) orgs that form the central committee of ANSWER.

Union Square was packed. It was strange though. Some peeps were just selling tees and buttons. A group of people were chanting, at times led by Rev. Billy. There were cops and metal barricades surrounding the park. It didn't strike me as incredibly organized and while I recognized a few peeps , it felt strange being in a rally that I wasn't a part of creating. Hell it felt strange being in a rally where I didn't know the organizers. A lot of the chanting felt a little too hippy-ish for me and me not being a pacifist, I couldn't bring myself to scream for peace. I did happily however scream happily against the war in Iraq and the administration that started it. Also I could not bring myself to chant for Kerry. I am not voting for W, that's for sure. My maybe voting for Kerry still feels scary on it's own however. While the crowd was very diverse, the people leading the chanting were overwhelmingly white. I stayed for a little over an hour before heading up to 34th to see what was happening. All the cops and me all my lonesome in my Racial Justice Day tee made me want to get on the subway.

It was awesome however that so many people have come out, regardless of their affiliation. It was powerful to see such a mix of people in the street, putting their freedom on the line in the name of true freedom. It was thrilling to see how the People of Color rocked and represented. It was beautiful to see all the babies and children including my daughter participating. It felt great to be a part of that with people I know and love.

It must continue however. People can't go home and be like it's over. It's a long way(well not really) from now until election day and then the day after the election. What happens then......


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