Sunday, September 12, 2004

Mi Escuelita.....

Sadly no not me. I cannot afford even one class anywhere this semester but tommorow my daughter begins second grade and I couldn't be happier. Of course I am excited about all the things she will learn and all the friends she will see again and new friends she will make. I am not looking forward to potentially dealing with the whole bullshit ESL situation again. I truely hope she passed the exam last spring that will get her out of an excellent program (hell I am an ESL tutor in the school) but it is something my daughter doesn't need. But I am more excited because she won't be here, beside me, breathing down my neck as I write on my computer.

Because I couldn't afford summer camp, the MapucheRican was home with me all summer. It was exhausting and made for a most uncreative period. Have you tried getting any writing done with a then six year old around.
"What are you writing?" she would ask , getting as close as humanly possible to me without being a part of me.
"Can I read?"
She would read anyway.
Or the best is when I thought I had a block of time to write (an exciting half hour while she watched a cartoon or played) and she would need something. Water, food, attention.
At the end of the day I was so exhausted that I would crash when she did.

Don't get me wrong we had wonderful times together. We did awesome things this summer. But to have a few hours a day to work, alone??? Why it is nothing short of a wet dream come true. But being a single writer mami is hard and I say goddess bless escuela.


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