Friday, September 03, 2004

My daughter and I , the terrorists

In the New York Times Bloomberg says: "It is true that a handful of people have tried to destroy our city by going up and yelling at visitors here because they don't agree with their views," Mr. Bloomberg said. "Think about what that says. This is America, New York, cradle of liberty, the city for free speech if there ever was one and some people think that we shouldn't allow people to express themselves. That's exactly what the terrorists did, if you think about it, on 9/11. Now this is not the same kind of terrorism but there's no question that these anarchists are afraid to let people speak out."

I think this is an incredibly disrespectful statement. Not just to those have been out in the streets over the past week, especially those abused and thrown in jail, but too all New Yorkers who were personally touched by the 9-11 attacks. Seems Bloomie is taking a page from W's playbook in exploiting 9-11 to his benefit. Of course what Bloomberg fails to mention is that his administration was held in contempt of court for it's handling of the release of those rounded up in the protests.

I urge people, not just Ny'er's to send a letter to the Mayor in protest of his statements. You can also snail mail him at:
City Of New York
Office of the Mayor
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007


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