Friday, September 24, 2004

Republican Lunch

I had a lunch date with a Republican today. Noy just any Republican either, a Latino Republican. I had never had lunch with a Latino Republican before.
Now this young man doesn't look what one would think a Latino Republican would like. He's Bolivian, brown-skinned, with hipster hair, a man purse that is way too high class for me (do the letters LV mean anything to you?) and hip clothes right down to his way pointy shoes. The only thing that gives him away is the Bush/Cheney button he proudly wears. Of course it could aslo be worn to be ironic. Alas he wasn't being ironic.

As we walked in Chelsea to the sushi place we were going to lunch someone stopped him.
"Wearing that could be dangerous, " the middle age white man told him
" I know, " my date said.
"Are you Latino?" the man asked.
My date just pointed to his dark arm.
"Is that a yes?"
When my date refused to answer verbally the man walked away.

I felt guilty by association.

Lunch was ok. It was absolutely painful at times being civil . He's one of those Latinos who feels like if his parents worked hard to get where they are today why should any one be helped. ugh. You know, if everyone works hard they can get what they want kind of tip. No mention of the issues of privilage, history, society, race, class, access. People should just surpass those things. We made jokes at the expense of each other's politics. Pero no se. He's nice but HE'S REPUBLICAN!!!!

Can a Republican and a radical be friends? The personal is the political. My life is political. Hmmm no se.



Blogger mean regression said...

i was looking at my blog today and figured out that it wasn't linked to yours. how could this have happened? i don't understand. so i linked to you.

can a republican and a radical be friends? i don't know either, but, they sure as hell can be family.

9/25/2004 10:55:00 AM  

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