Tuesday, September 07, 2004

So This is How it Feels or Blog Wars

When I write in my blog about people. When I write in general, it is always very personal. I don't write thinking about who is going to read it or even how they will react.

I suppose that is how most writers write. So why did it hurt me and anger me so much to see the misfit blogging about me? Karma and payback are a bitch huh?
I don't mind so much him writing about he felt about the whole kiss. Today his online reaction to a comment someone else made about the situation, someone he doesn't even know, someone who doesn't even know him , and then apply that to how he is going to act towards me, downright pissed me off.

My friend was trying to console me and while I agree it wasn't in the nicest way that's what it was. I already apologized for making the misfit uncomfortable and promised to be more mindful . I accept the fact that everything would have been better if I had not gone with the impulse to kiss him. What else can I do? I like the misfit. Yes I am incredibly attracted to him but I like him as a person. He's sweet and funny and loud, and fun to be out with. He's a talented writer. And it would be a tragedy for us not to try and be friends after everything. But I have no control over other people or what others will say.

That said I'm backing off. If I am called tonight to do that last minute poetry show tommorow night, I will invite him, as a friend and he will go his way at the end of the night and I will go mine. I value his opinion of my poetry not of my ass. Hell maybe he'll bring one of the hot chicas he's talking to(although now that I think about it I think he has a date on Wends.). Who knows maybethe damage has been done. Maybe we just need to back off for a while.

On another note. Today in the MapucheRican's birthday. I have ballons to blow and streamers to put up. I feel old having a 7 year old daughter. I feel blessed because in spite of how I am and all my issues so far I've raised a pretty well adjusted kid. For those of you that know where I live...come by to say happy birthday and have some cake! I will blog about the whole birthday experience and issues that has raised tommorow.


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