Saturday, September 04, 2004

We are SudAmerican Rockers

My never ending quest to find cool Latino rock bars and clubs that have a South American feel that I long for ever since I left Chile 7 years ago last night took me toe grand opening of the bar/club portion of la Kueva 2.0

La Fea and I got the bug for dancing last Sabado when we went to D'Antigua and saw Locos por Juana. We decided that Friday we would go to la Oveja Negra to mover out culos. Even though I've been to Oveja only a handful of times, so far it is my favorite latino rock spot. However Oro Solido (y en ingles..Solid Gold!) was playing and that wasn't the vibe we were looking for.

I used to sometimes go to la Kueva back when it was a narrow, hot, space on Steinway Street. It was the first Latino rock place I ever went to here in New York City and it felt like heaven. So when I found out there was no cover for the opening of the bar/club portion (the cafe portion has been open for a few weeks offering menu items named after Juanes and LIBIDO!!!!!) that became the spot to go. I even convinced my dear ex, the misfit to come with his two friends.

The place looked huge from the outside most of that space inside turned out to be dedicated to tables for the cafe. The dance space was pretty much the same size as the the space the old club had and the bar space was equally as narrow as the old bar space.

Beers were five dollars which made the boys happy. Big glasses of red wine were six dollars which made me happy.

The DJ sucked. The music kept skipping and he had this bad(lazy) habit of playing two songs in a row by the same artist.

All in all I wasn't that impressed with the Kueva 2.o. It was like they were trying too hard to make it upscale. They need a better DJ. Next week there is suppossed to be a live band. For some reason I think I'd rather be at Oveja.

Ok now I know my readers (you comment or email me if you never have. I'd like to know who is out there) want to read about the personal details like who we ran into at la Kueva and who I kissed at the end of the night.

Te cuento despues.

un beso
la Mala


Blogger claudia said...

well here i am. you've commented on my lj before, i'm Yunape! love your blog!

9/06/2004 06:39:00 AM  
Blogger Audree said...

ya se quien besaste. oh lordy.

insane ... i was at LON on saturday night and almost went to la kueva 2.0 tonight!!!! i heard that oro solido never showed up on friday ...

9/07/2004 03:02:00 AM  

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