Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Yo Mami Wears Fishnets

and I wore pigtails too. Maybe that was why the teacher, unsure if I was over 18, asked how old I was when I went to pick up a neighbor's kid.

The first executive Parent's Association meeting had left me with heading up a new activist front (most parents saw me on television protesting the RNC and Bush) specifically to fight discrimination the ESL and ELL ( English Language Learners) are facing with all the new high stakes testing rules being rushed into effect like this latest from Bloomberg. I'm looking forward to heading this stuff up since orginizing is what I love and doing it in the MapucheRican's school, where I have already been fighting for access, is easier in many ways. So the Mayor and DOE better watch their backs (hee hee). I'm also gonna be putting out the parent newsletter (which is going to be multilingual from now on as well. As if I didn't have enough shit to do already.

I just hope that I'll be able to afford to dye my hair pink again in time for when I am tutoring in the classroom again and running for the school leadership team.
Part of it really is just my crazy sense of style. Another part of it is a deliberate act of trying to change what people think a mama should look like and yeah sure there is a little bit of wanting to shock people and make them uncomfortable. Plus it's great fun.


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