Thursday, October 28, 2004

All About Him

As my readers will know, seeing el Cubano has fucked my head up. La Fea, dealing with more sick people than should be allowed in the country of Ecuador, suggests we go for some drinks. I agree, dragging my ass the whole way, because in the end I will thank her for forcing me out of the house and away from my thoughts of hairy latinos, right?

Well as soon as I walk into the bar whose hair do I see? El Boliviano's. I didn't know if la Fea had told him we were meeting up and invited him or if he just happened to be there. La Fea and him have been talking a lot lately and while it's selfish to feel this way, it makes me jealous. Like it's not bad enough the shit that he pulled with me? Like it's not bad enough that he was trying to bed my best friend after he had already bedded me? No se.

He was uncomfortable silent for a while until we all loosened up with some drinks and he fed both fea and I cherries. I don't know exactly when the night took a turn for the worse. Was it when he would wrap his arms around her when we were outside smoking? Was it when I came back from a smoke to find that my spot next to la Fea had been taken by him so that he could be next to her? Was it when I realized this was not going to be about me or her but about him? What completely pushed me over the edge was when they started making out at the bar, next to me. Mira she can have him. He can have her but I find it extremely disrespectful and in bad taste to have to watch my best friend making out with a man I have slept with. Or am I being over sensitive?

What really bothers me is that la Fea and I were talking about el Cubano and how his insanity triggers my own and the we needed to stop being with people who "are perfect except for...". We've said that about el Boliviano. He's perfect except for his flaky, asshole, egotistical ways. ha ha

So I took a swig of my wine, left whatever money I had with me, complained to the bartender about the scene playing out next to me and broke out.

Before I left la Fea asked me not to leave. That he was leaving. She must have said that half a dozen times. I heard him say it at least three. She said she came to hang out with me. He never left. So I made the decision easier on all of them. I left.

No one followed me.

I even called la Fea from the subway to apologize and say that I hoped the money I left was enough (I don't think it was) and that whatever I owed her to let me know.

This morning the MapucheRican was running a fever so I kept her home. El Cubano called me, inviting me over. When I told him I couldn't. He said he would come to see me. He hasn't shown yet.

I get a phone call from la Fea's father. La Fea didn't show up at home or work. Did I know where she was. I said no but of course I did. I called her and el Boliviano, no answer, left messages. Even when it's supposed to be about me it becomes about me looking for someone else or covering someone else's ass.

Finally she calls me. She's with him (surprise surprise). Brazenly I ask if she fucked him. She says no. I want to believe her, really, but I don't. I tell her to call home. She asks, what did I tell them, worried that maybe I reveled something. I covered for her ass. Covered for her ass when her parents asked me if she was sleeping or dating el Boliviano , covered for her ass when asked about some other asshole Ecua.

I told her I was glad she was safe.
She asked if I was upset with her. Or did she say mad? Or pissed?
Yeah I'm all those things.


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