Monday, October 18, 2004

Early Visitors Always Ruin Plans

I was looking forward to taking a trip up to West Harlem for some sex but my period arrived two days early. I guess I'd rather have it early than late (or not at all) pero it kind of ruined my original plans.

In the end la Fea convinced me to go to la Kueva. I don't know how I feel about becoming a "regular" there or anywhere for that matter. Doesn't becoming a regular end up limiting you, pigeon holing you? At the same time it is nice to go somewhere and be greeted warmly by hugs and kisses. There is a safety and a risk. Also three clients of mine hadn't paid me, leaving my wallet a bit bare. la Fea felt generous and told me she'd take care of me.

In the end she only had to buy me one drink since other people kept my wine glass full for the rest of the night. The night was surprisingly undramatic with the exception of being asked for my number by the guy who was supposed to be with la fea and la fea and her Ecua rocker finally talked and got some things clear. la fea and I left and had an early breakfast at the diner.

Y ahora I have a cold because I was smoking outside the club in only my hot pink tank top.


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