Monday, October 04, 2004

Eternal Kisses in the Sunshine of my Spotless Mind

He was nearly two hours late, my DominiEspanol filmmaker friend. While I waited for him to come with a flick for the night, la fea, mi madre, my sis and I opened a bottle of wine and had some queso y crackers. When A. finally showed up with not one but two movies for us to watch, a bottle of whiskey, and a story of how he helped a boy who was hit by a car in his Harlem hood, how could we not forgive him?

We first watched a samurai spoof film he made which was hilarious and strange, just like him. Then we watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which A actually worked on. A. and I avoided physical contact on the crowded sofa until close to the end of the movie when I began slowly leaning on him.

I enjoyed the movie and it resonated within me to the point of bringing on tears I had been struggling with all week. It made me reflct upon the relationship choices I make and continue to make and why they get made.

la Fea took a cab home and A and I sat outside for an hour talking and kissing. We will talk about everything from politics,to art, to sex but what remains unspoken is the attraction we obviously have for each other.


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